Announcing Screenleap for Support: Easily View Your Users’ Screens

Screenleap has always been the easiest way for you to share your screen with others. Starting today with the launch of Screenleap for Support, it is now also the easiest way for you to see someone else’s screen.

How It Works

Viewing a user’s screen is a snap: you simply need to click a button on your dashboard to start a new support session and then send the generated share link to the user.


Once the user clicks on the link and goes through a quick app install, you will be able to see the user’s screen.

If you’re in touch with your users by phone, you can direct them to click a link on your website that takes them to a page where they can enter a share code. Once they enter the share code that you tell them, they will share their screen with you after a quick app install.



Please take a look at the detailed overview of the Screenleap for Support solution to learn more about its benefits and features.


The Screenleap for Support solution costs $39/agent/month. A free 14-day trial is included with all new accounts.


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