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What is Screenleap?

Screenleap is a free web site that enables you to share what’s happening on your computer screen with anyone with a web browser, instantly. Viewers can see your screen from any device, including tablets and smartphones. There are no downloads, installs, fees, or sign ups required.

Super Simple Screen Sharing from Screenleap

Super Simple Screen Sharing from Screenleap

Just visit the Screenleap home page to start a session, then share the link or PIN code with your friends or colleagues, and viewers can begin seeing your computer screen instantly.

Screenleap is most useful for ad-hoc collaboration, but people use Screenleap for other purposes: remote computer support, sales demos, virtual meetings, long distance relationships, personal broadcasting, remote training, sharing photos, team projects, making travel reservations, and as a free alternative to Webex and GoToMeeting.

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