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Happy 2014!


Happy New Year Screenleapers!

As we bid goodbye to another great year, we would like to highlight the improvements made to Screenleap this year and give you a preview of what’s in the works for 2014.

2013 Highlights

Audio Conferencing
We launched integrated audio conferencing last January so that you can have a conversation with your viewers without having to use a separate conferencing service. Audio conferencing is available for free on all Screenleap accounts.

In February, we launched Screenshots, a browser extension that allows you to easily take screenshots of web pages, mark them up, and share them with others.

Browser Sharing
The browser extension we launched in February also includes support for browser sharing. Browser sharing is like screen sharing except only the contents of your browser are shared. It’s especially convenient since it doesn’t require you to have Java installed, and it works on Chromebook computers.

Broadcast Page Customization
In July, we added the ability to customize your broadcast page message. When you create a Screenleap account, you select a personal handle. Now you can customize the message viewers see when they visit your handle page (e.g., when you are not broadcasting your screen.

Broadcast Restriction and Locking
By default, broadcasts are public and viewable by anyone who visits your handle page. If you would like to share your screen to your handle page but want to restrict who can view your broadcast, you can do so as of the launch of broadcast restriction and locking in late July.

Screenleap for Mac & Screenleap for Windows
Having made viewing installation-free and hassle-free, we next turned our attention to towards simplifying the screen share process. We launched our Screenleap for Mac and Screenleap for Windows apps in August, which allow you to share your entire screen without having to first install Java on your computer.

Screenleap API, Version 2
We released version 2 of the Screenleap API in September. The Screenleap API makes it easy to programatically add screen sharing to your web app. Version 2 includes support for additional sharing options, customization options, and integration options. You now have the option of allowing your presenters to share their screen using the Mac and Windows apps in addition to the applet.

What’s Coming in 2014

Branded Company Accoount
We will be launching our Branded Company Accounts next week. Branded Company Accounts will allow you to increase your viewers’ exposure to your brand by providing them with a branded screen sharing experience for those important sales, support, and training calls. Branded Company Accounts will also include support for integrating the screen share viewer into your website, so your users don’t have to leave your website to view your screen shares.

Customer Support Solution
Our upcoming customer support solution will allow you to easily see your customers’ screens so you can provide them with faster and more effective support.

Faster Screen Shares
We will be taking advantage of a new web technology called WebRTC that allows us to double the performance of screen shares for browsers that support the new technology.

Wishing You a Happy 2014

We would like to thank you again for making 2013 a great one.  We really appreciate all the feedback and suggestions that you have provided us over the last year: Screenleap is the tool it is today because of you. Wishing you lots of health, happiness, and success in 2014!

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Collaborate More Quickly With Screen Sharing Friends List

Screenleap is commonly used as a collaboration tool for tight-knit groups of teammates when working remotely or even intra-office. As part of our mission to provide the fastest, simplest and most reliable screen sharing product on the planet, today we’re announcing the general availability of Friends Lists.

Screenleap Friends List

Friends Lists are free, and allow teammates to share their screens in under 10 seconds. A Screenleap account (free) is required, and account holders, when logged in, are immediately alerted with online notifications when a friend would like to share their screen – kind of like instant messaging.

Screen Sharing with Teammates

Account holders not currently logged in are dispatched an email or text message with link to the screen sharing session based on their contact permission settings (email or text).

Screen Sharing Email Invitation

Now, instead of having to read share codes out loud, or copy/paste email links, teammates can be invited to see your screen with the click of a button.

Screen Share with Friends

Sharing screens with your teammates has never been easier. You can get started today by signing up for an account, adding your friends and co-workers to your Friends List, and then starting screen sharing sessions faster than anywhere else on the web!

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Claim Your Free Screen Sharing User Handle

Three months ago we launched Screenleap to the public with the mission of providing the most fast, simple, and reliable screen sharing product on the planet. Since then we’ve received feedback from hundreds of users, and found that Screenleap is most commonly used for ad hoc collaboration among a regular set of teammates and friends.

As part of our commitment to simplify screen sharing, and in response to requests for features that help teammates and friends collaborate more effectively, today we’re announcing the release of Free User Accounts and Handles (i.e. A handle is a username link that can be provided to friends, or can be bookmarked for recurring meetings. This has been one of our most commonly requested features, and it represents a leap forward towards our vision of making screen sharing more frictionless and user friendly.

Stay tuned, because we’ll soon be adding friends lists to Accounts so you can share screens with friends and teammates just by clicking their names like you do with instant messaging.

Claim Your Free Screen Sharing Handle

You can claim your free user handle by signing up using our Hacker News promo. Visit this link:

New Screen Sharing Account with Handle

Account Login

The Account Login page gives you the option to “Share my screen”, which allows you to start a single-use screen sharing session. This is a good option for private screen sessions. Or to “Broadcast my screen”, which allows you to start a session visible at This is a permanent link that your friends can bookmark, but be careful because when you’re sharing, anyone with the link can see your screen.

Screenleap Login Screen

Start a Screen Sharing Session

Click “Broadcast my screen”, then be patient and wait a few seconds until the applet permission box pops up. Check “Allow all applets from “” with this signature, and then click “Allow”. Note, you must have Java installed on your computer to reach this point. Java is not installed by default on Mac Lion. Make sure you have Java installed, otherwise, you will not be able to proceed.

Grant the Screenleap Applet Permission

Share Your Screen Sharing Handle

Once you’ve started broadcasting your screen, you can direct friends and teammates to your personal screen sharing link.

Share Your Screen Sharing Handle

End Your Session

Always be sure to “Stop Sharing” when you’ve completed your screen sharing session. If your meeting ends and you continue sharing, this could lead to accidentally sharing something you intended to be private.

Stop Sharing When Session is Finished

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