Save Time Using Free Screen Sharing

Top 10 Ways to Save Time Using Free Screen Sharing

Top 10 Ways to Save Time Using Free Screen Sharing

For many years the market for screen sharing has been dominated by corporate uses such as virtual meetings and remote desktop support. But with the emergence of free, light-weight screen sharing tools such as Screenleap (, its now possible for almost anyone to benefit from screen sharing in their daily life.

With Screenleap, there’s nothing to install, provided Java is already present on the host’s computer, and sessions can be viewed from any device with a browser, including smartphones and tablets.

Below is a list of our top ten favorite ways to save time using the new free screen sharing service from Screenleap.

1) Ad-Hoc Collaboration at Work
With the ability to start screen sharing sessions in under twenty seconds, and no applications or accounts required for viewing, Screenleap is an ideal solution for ad-hoc collaboration at work.

2) Booking Travel with a Companion

Booking travel with a companion can be difficult if you’re not in the same room, or if your companion is on the go. Easily share the results of flight searches in real time, and companions can view the travel options you’re considering from anywhere with a web enabled mobile device.

3) Photo Sharing

Launching a screen sharing session allows you to quickly display photos from your desktop to someone you’re speaking with over the phone without the hassle of uploading, downloading, sending, or importing.

4) Co-browsing Facebook

Show what’s happening inside your Facebook account to friends and family without giving them login credentials.

5) Monitoring Your Computer While You’re Away
Sometimes you don’t have time to wait while something is taking a long time to finish on your computer. For example, when downloading large files, running a batch process, installing software, or having someone complete work on your computer. Screenleap allows you to monitor what’s happening in real time from another room or away from your computer from your smartphone.

6) Personal Broadcasting
Social media mavens can broadcast what’s happening on their screen to their Twitter, Facebook or Blog followers. Screencasts can be for demonstrations, tutorials, or simply allowing other people to watch you work.

7) Managing Remote Workers and Virtual Assistants

Increase efficiency when managing remote workers and virtual assistants. If remote workers are being paid hourly, they can be instructed to leave Screenleap running for you to monitor and check-in on periodically throughout the day.

8) Supporting a Tech-Challenged Loved One

Sometimes all you need to do is see the computer screen of a tech-challenged loved one in order to solve their computer problems.

9) As a WebEx alternative or Fall-back
When you have a high stakes client meeting or sales demo, its always wise be prepared. Screenleap gives you a super simple backup plan in case your WebEx software doesn’t work out.

10) Train Friends at Online Gaming
Start a session while you’re playing an online game and then train your friends while they watch you play.

Do you have any additional ways you like to save time using screen sharing? Share your suggestions in the comments below. And if you haven’t already, please try out one of these time savers by visiting the Screenleap Home Page.

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